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Virtual Fitting is the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how we live. Locked down, closed inside, albeit, with family, these are challenging times. While many remain positive moving forward, there will still be apprehension. The latest indications are that social distancing will last until a vaccine is available, which may take 12-18 months. Getting together with large groups of people and shopping as we did before will not be possible, unfortunately. 


Many businesses are quite successful, operating one-hundred-percent online. There are others, however, that are still making that transition. Buying clothes, for example, online, has been possible for over a decade. The technology is in place, improving by the day, and the process, for the most part, is seamless. However, when it comes to purchasing clothes online, the items available are somewhat standard in their fit and style. There are obvious exceptions, but for the person that wants a custom made suit or dress, something unique and tailored, that presents more of a challenge in this current climate.
A virtual, tailored experience with a boldly lower price  

InMonarch serves a selective client base who place a high value on delicate, tailored garments. Nearly seven years ago, they experimented with an e-commerce platform where customers could peruse and select over a range of garments (men and women). Via a novel, tailored measurement system utilizing photos and video, clients ordered online. They then received their purchase through the mail, no contact, nor in-person measurements needed. 
This system was perfected over the years, and InMonarch enters this pandemic with a fully-functional e-commerce platform. The company is strategically positioned to provide custom-made suits, dresses, shirts, and more to a demanding client base that expects unique and unparalleled attire.   

Founded in 2011, InMonarch began as a boutique, clothing provider and quickly evolved into a successful supplier of luxury Indian wedding outfits and everyday clothing such as Nehru Suits, Nehru shirts, Jodhpuri Suits and more with affordable elegance as a direct seller to customers. Their garments are crafted from the most delicate Indian and Italian fabrics and made to fit the specifications of every client. InMonarch serves a worldwide client base that places a high value on fit, elegance, and timeliness. 

Being Online, they don't have the overhead of storefront or advertising, and they can sell the most luxurious products on the market at a fraction of the price of typical retail designers. Inmonarch saves clients time and reaches his home or office and saves money by cutting all middlemen by purchasing fabrics directly from mills. In short, InMonarch provides your clothes with affordable Elegance. Its mission is to guarantee fit and eliminate unnecessary markups in menswear by compressing its supply chain.

How it works?

The process is quite simple via the InMonarch five-step process: 
  1. Visit the website (or iOS App or Android App).
  2. Browse and choose from an extensive catalog.
  3. Follow the simple instructions utilizing photos and videos showing how to measure.
  4. Add any additional requirements. 
  5. Click send.
All from the comfort of a living room, the process is quick and efficient. Best yet, this is nothing new for InMonarch as their customer satisfaction ratings are exceptional. 

When the order is ready, InMonarch tailors will craft personalized garment(s) that arrive at the customer's doorstep (per the selected shipping options) at the time of check out.

InMonarch customer service is second to none. They count on a dedicated Whatsapp number, an online chat option, as well as email where you can reach out 24x7 to one of their expert team members for assistance.

A custom-made garment is still a luxury you can take advantage of in these times. InMonarch is worldwide in its reach and continues to provide the same exceptional quality as it always has.