How To Order Guidelines

In Simple Steps

Step No 1:

Select the product you want to order by browsing through our categories. Then click the image of the product on category page.You will reach to product page. In case of any confusion in placing the order use the below diagram or read further down the steps you will easily place the order.But still needs further help click the chat icon provided on the right hand side bottom of each page on website or click here to contact us by email.
Inmonarch how to order guidelines

Step No 2:

Two options to order on product page:

Add to bag option :
Click this option if you want the product to be ordered in standard size.If you click this option the same product with your size selected and quantity selected will be added to your cart/shopping bag and you will get a pop up asking you to checkout or stay on the same page.You can choose checkout if you do not want shopping further or you can choose stay here to choose the same product with other size/qty or color and repeat the above process.

Customise specially for you option:
Click this option if you want this product to be ordered with customisation either in fabric of your choice or color of your choice or style of your choice or want to add or subtract accessories from product or get it tailor made and many more.The customisation option will vary from product to product.Once you select this option you will not able to order the product in standard size and at the last you will have to provide measurements to complete the order.

Step No 3:

On clicking the customisable option you will reach the customisable selection page.On this page you can select or skip any customisable feature or option of the product and proceed further.If you will skip then default value of that option will be added.Finally you will reach customisable summary page where you can check the options value you selected to customise your product features.If you want to edit them you can click edit and start again.
In case you want to order this item for somebody else whose measurements you will provide later you can click create new profile button and do this otherwise if you are ordering for yourself then by default your profile name will be seen.
Finally you can click add to bag to reach Step No 4.

Step No 4:

Click Add to bag , this product will be added to bag with all customisable option you have selected in step no. 3 and you will get a pop up asking you to checkout or stay on the same page.You can choose checkout if you do not want shopping further.In case you choose stay here you can add to shopping cart the same product with same customisable option but with different or same profile name as you want to order this product again for somebody or for yourself.In case if you want that some customisable options needs changes for other person or for you as you are ordering this item again then you can do this by clicking edit customisation option.Likewise repeat the above process to add more person and finally choose checkout.

Step No 5:

Now you are on shopping bag or cart page.Here you will see all the details as generally are there on shopping cart page.But in addition to that you will find an extra feature to provide measurements of each person product added in your cart with customisable option.
This option you will see in orange color highlighted text "provide" under measurement head on right side of the cart.Click provide and read step no 6 and submit your measurements.Likewise for each person repeat the process.
Also you can click edit (provided against the name of each person under Measurements head.) if you need to change measurements of any person provided before.

Until an unless you provide all the measurements of all the person you will not be able to place order .

Step No 6:

After clicking provide option you will reach the next page to start with your measurements.Click Update profile button after providing and reviewing all basic details.Take the print out of measurement page if you are not ready with the measurements or click complete measurements button to finally fill all the measurements one by one till last summary measurement page.Click edit measurements if you want to edit any measurement or click go to shopping bag and complete the step no. 7

Step No 7:

Once done with step no. 6 to provide all measurements of all the person in the cart you can place order .If you need to mention any special instructions about this order then you can do this in the box provided below the cart/shopping bag page.Click place order button to go for payment and complete step no.8

Step No 8:

On the payment page you can change the shipping address and method of shipping from free shipping to express shipping in case you want your order faster.Click confirm shipping and then select either Paypal or Ccavenue for payment.Use Ccavenue in case you have only credit card as a option for payment.