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This FAQ is provided to conveniently assist you in your shopping experience. However, we understand that no FAQ can cover every question you may have, so if you don’t see the answer you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to Contact us!

What does Custom Made mean?

To buy a “custom made” suit is to buy a suit that has been cut from a piece of cloth to measurements that have been made based on your specific body shape. We never customize a pre-made suit. Furthermore, our experienced and skillful tailors make their crafting notes by imagining what the suit will look like on its specific owner (You). This enables them to adjust any measurements accordingly. Because your clothing is custom made, you are in charge of choosing the cut, style, color, and number of buttons. The finished product is an exquisite suit made to your exact specifications and completely unique to you. We are all individuals, after all. Why shouldn’t our clothes be individual too?

Why go for a custom made or custom tailored suit?

There is nothing like the look and feel of a custom made suit. Our body shapes vary considerably, and, with such limited size choices given to us by common retail shops, the chances of finding a suit that fits properly and comfortably are extremely slim-even for a “normal-shaped” person (whatever that means). For example: An off the peg jacket (found in a shop on the rack) will normally have only two measurements- chest size (e.g. 38 inch) and over-all size (e.g. short, regular, or long). At InMonarch, we take 15 individual measurements to ensure that perfect fit, including the chest, arms, stomach, neck, shoulders, and front length. In addition, we also take a unique fitting measurement to ensure that your jacket is neatly fitted to flatter your body shape. Furthermore, off the peg jackets generally increase in sizes by two inches at a time (size 38, size 40, size 42, etc.). That is an enormous 5 centimeters between each size! At InMonarch, however, we measure by centimeters in order to improve the accuracy of our readings. A beautifully fitting suit speaks volumes about you; and with our prices ranging from $230-$350US, what reason is there to not go bespoke or custom made? 

I am a bit hesitant to order custom clothes online. Will it fit me?

In order to ensure the correct fits of our customers, we prompt all first-time customers to either take their own measurements or send us their best fitting garment. If you decide to start your first order by sending us your favorite suit, we will send it back to you with your completed order at no extra cost. If you decide to take your own measurements, make sure to carefully follow the measuring instructions on our website. There is a greater than 90% chance that your first InMonarch suit will fit impeccably. Also, once we have received your order, we will validate your measurements for any obvious errors. If any of your measurements don’t look quite right, we will email you right away to ask that you double-check the figure. 

What payment methods can I use?

The answer to this question can be found on our webpage:

What kind of shirt is worn with a Nehru or Jodhpuri suit?

We recommend a Nehru shirt be worn with either of these suits. You can purchase one at:

What payment method can I use if I don’t have a credit card and paypal account?

If you do not have a credit card available to make your purchase, you may send money directly to our account. You will need to go to your banker and ask them to make a direct deposit into our account with below details in US$: SWIFT Code : INDBINBBJOS  ACCOUNT NAME: INMONARCH BANK NAME: INDUSIND BANK ADDRESS OF BANK:  CITY CENTRE BUILDING, GROUND FLOOR NEAR SANGHI PETROL PUMP STATION ROAD, JODHPUR-342001 ACCOUNT NUMBER : 201000551046 IFSC CODE: INDB0000026 Bank code: 0026 AMOUNT TO SEND : (Order Amount/Cart Value at checkout in) US$ 

Can I make my payment by IMO?

Yes but when using this method, please be prepared to pay an extra $35USD, and be aware that the money transfer time takes about a month. 

What is the average delivery time for each order?

Delivery time can take from 11-21 days after payment has been received. Depending on your choice of shipment options, shipment charges may vary. 

What do I do if I am finding it difficult to take my own measurements?

Take a printout of our measurement procedure to a local tailor and have them take the accurate measurements. Then, simply send the correct figures to us! 

How do I track my package online?

When your order is ready to be shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email which will include the package’s tracking number with other tracking details. 

Can I get my clothing faster than 21 days?

Select express shipping from the shipping options provided at the check out.

Unable to pay through my credit card?

Please visit your credit card issuing bank website and get verified your visa card there. Like wise get verified for MasterCard secure code if you are using master card. This will make your card 3D-Secure or 3DS. It is compulsory condition to get verified your visa card from your card issuing bank website to do international payment. Without this you will not be able to pay your purchase from India. The reserve bank of India will not allow this.

What is 3DS and how it works?
Three Domain Secure (3D-Secure or 3DS) is a security protocol supplementing online transactions made using cards by authenticating cardholders with one time password (OTP). 
While processing transactions secured by 3DS, cardholders will be redirected onto their respective Issuing Banks’ page to input OTP sent via SMS to their registered mobile number , USSD, or email. This service may otherwise be recognized as Verified by Visa (for Visa cards), MasterCard SecureCode (for MasterCard cards), J/Secure (for JCB cards), or Safekey (for American Express cards).

I hope it will solve the problem for all your future international payments 

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