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Handsome 5 Pc White Embroidered Tuxedo Suit
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Classic 5 Pc White Embroidered Tuxedo Suit
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Wonderful 3 Pc Black Embroidered Tuxedo Suit
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Classic Two Button 5 Pc Beige Tuxedo Suit
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Bollywood Stylish Engagement  6 pc Tuxedo Suit
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One Button Wedding 5 pc White Tuxedo Suit
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Tuxedo Suits for Men

The wardrobe of men is always incomplete with suits. Men's suit have always attracted every age of men around the globe. This kind of attire projects professionalism and gives a distinctive look. From comman man to superstars to enterprenuers, men's suit have always been in demand.

With the change of trend, the demand for tuxedo suits has increased. A tuxedo suit is something similar to semi formal suit. This is the best way to feel the real taste of tuxedo suits for men. They are also known as dinner jacket.

Tuxedo suits for men are black coat with lapels and a black bow tie in general. And as often and matching, the shirt color is white. The fabrics used is wool or polyester with best quality imported from vendors by us.

The demand for tuxedo suits are felt in wedding season. With unique style of constructing them and varied colors, they are best matched in wedding or festivals. You can buy the best quality suits from our online stores - Inmonarch.com

Classic two button is the perfect tuxedo suits for men to own because it will never go out of style. Our imported fabric self striped tuxedos as shown are ultimate for all occasion option and pays for itself when worn to one or two formal events a year. For professional look wear them with a shirt and tie. Prepare for compliments every time you wear.

How India contributed to the origin of Tuxedo?

The story of the tuxedo begins in the summer of 1886, in Tuxedo Park, New York - a small town forty miles north of New York City.

Pierre Lorillard IV, a blueblood New Yorker, sought something less formal than tail coats to wear to the annual Autumn Ball. 

He commissioned a tailor to prepare several tailless jackets in black, modeled after the scarlet riding jackets then popular with British foxhunters. 

There is some evidence that Lorillard was inspired by the fashionable Edward VII, who as Prince of Wales had ordered the tails cut off his coat during a visit to INDIA because of the oppressive heat.

On the night of the ball, Pierre Lorillard suddenly experienced a lack of daring and declined to wear the jacket of his own design. 

His son, Griswold and several of Griswold’s friends, donned the tailless black dinner jackets, and with a nod to the British riding coat that had inspired the creation, they wore scarlet vests. 

This informal wear was copied and eventually became standard evening attire.

The Tuxedo took its name from the town in which it debuted - Tuxedo Park.

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I like the breeches very much. They fit well and were exactly what I was looking for,

thank you.

Tim Miller , Wisconsin , USA
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