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Concealed Button Nehru Suit
Item Code : NS106
USD 276
Nehru Collar Front Open Suit
Item Code : NS119
USD 270
Front Open Three Piece Three Button Bottom Round Nehru Suit
Item Code : NS120
USD 325
5 Button Three Piece Wedding Traditional Nehru Suit
Item Code : NS123
USD 350
Designer V Neck Mens Nehru Suit
Item Code : NS112
USD 276
Mandarin Collar Suit
Item Code : NS135
USD 310
Mens Nehru Collar Suit

It is a brilliant article of clothing. A man in a nehru suit makes a power statement and gets noticed. Being formal jodhpuri , mens Nehru collar suit is a stand up collar suit with lack of lapels and Nehru collar jacket. The pant is similar to western style with one pleat, two pleats or without pleats. The pocket of the trouser may be side or slant..

If you want long minister collar suit i.e suit with long jacket (3/4 length jacket) then just specify its length in the measurement form we will deliver it you exactly. Otherwise Nehru suit is a hip length jacket suit. There is no difference between Jodhpuri suit and Nehru suit.

Nehru Groom Suits

Nehru Indian Suits are not only famous for formal occasions but they are as well used for wedding. They are best to wear at such occasions as they gives you elegant and royal look. You will easily find many high class people wearing these suits. Other than this, nehru groom suits are getting more demand these days.

As per our research, we have found huge demand for nehru groom suits from all over the world. People outside India are keen in ordering these suits. You buy nehru grooms suits from our online store with the best outfits for you.


We are using various fabrics for this Nehru Indian suit. You can get this suit in 100% linen,100% lightweight wool, 35% Merino wool and 65% polyester blended fabric and in 35% viscose and 65% polyester blended fabric. To select any fabric please click order now button and then select from the option to change fabric type.

Delivery time

We normally ship within 11 to 15 calendar days at your doorsteps worldwide after getting your payment.


The style of Nehru suit has been copied everywhere. You can get it readymade in various mens stores or through many online websites. But the actual cut which is obtained from the body measurement of oneself is possible at Jodhpur only, which is the place of its invention.

For this we are providing measurement chart, which should be filled properly while giving order. Minister collar suit or wedding nehru suit can't be made readymade as it needs measurement of neck apart from other measurements. So if you are buying it as an readymade then you are giving the money for its look not for its fitting for which it is known.

International fondness for Nehru suit

It has traveled much wider and has proved more durable than its promoter, India's first prime minister Mr.J.L.Nehru . In 1960s , it stormed men's wardrobes.Thanks to star supporters like Johnny Carson and the Beatles who did this. It would have slid into oblivion in the latter part of the decade but due to appearance of Sean Connery in Jodhpuri suit jacket in Dr No it kept alive. Later in 1990s the dress swam back to future when comedian Mike Myers sported the Nehru Jacket as Austin Powers, the ultra-hip British agent through the same 007 route. Since then it  became a retro resurrect- something the Mao jacket never succeeded in doing. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone to town in a Nehru Indian Suit and former South African leader Nelson Mandela has professed his fondness for the cut.

What to wear under a Nehru suit ?

Nehru shirt .You can purchase it at here
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I like the breeches very much. They fit well and were exactly what I was looking for,

thank you.

Tim Miller , Wisconsin , USA
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